Prague Summer Nights 2021: Covid-19 Statement

UPDATE APRIL 27, 2021: 

Classical Movements has come to the difficult decision that there will not be a US version of our Prague Summer Nights Young Artists Music Festival this summer. After extensively exploring options at locations across the USA, we determined that we would not be able to offer an experience that would be artistically and educationally rewarding, while also protecting the safety and health of everyone participating.

We are already planning a full return of the festival in 2022 and hope you will consider joining us next year in Prague.


Prague Summer Nights and Classical Movements continue to closely monitor COVID-19 developments both in the United States and in the Czech Republic. We have decided, like some other summer to festivals to plan to be live and in-person this summer. To make this more possible, we have moved the festival two weeks and the new dates are: July 5 to August 2, 2021. All the hotels, dorms and the major halls like the Dvorak Hall at the Rudolfinum and Mozart’s Estates Theater have cooperated with us for the new dates. We are also most grateful to our extraordinary faculty who have shown so much flexibility and commitment to our program and are making the date shift possible.


Prague Summer Nights Festival continues to adapt to the changing times. While things still remain uncertain, we are increasingly hopeful that with the COVID numbers decreasing around the world, an in-person festival will be possible. We have developed detailed COVID-19 protocols, and because of the ever changing nature of the virus we will update these as we get closer to the festival start. To participate in Prague Summer Nights, we will expect every participant to adhere to the most up-to-date COVID protocols, including Prague Summer Nights protocols, travel protocols determined by the United States government, and the local and national guidelines within the Czech Republic. This might require some additional expenditures on tests and we will update you as we know more, closer to the date. While we are committed to the festival being live and in-person in the Czech Republic, we are still making plans for an alternative version of the festival to be held in the United States, should we not be able to travel to Prague. Our plan is still to notify applicants of this change with ample time to make their travel arrangements.


We are offering students accepted into the program flexible payment and cancellation terms. If the 2021 festival is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions in either the United States or the Czech Republic, or if participants are unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants will be offered full refunds of tuition costs, as well as the opportunity to hold their spot for the 2022 festival. By April 15, 2021 Prague Summer Nights Festival will make the decision to go ahead with the festival in Prague or move to the United States. If the festival is not in Prague, participants will have the option to receive a full refund, roll over to 2022 or move forward with the US option.

We understand how difficult it has been to go a year without live performances and we want our participants to have the opportunity to learn and perform in person. We know that no festival  offers performances in more beautiful and historic venues than Prague Summer Nights. This year it will be even more wonderful to perform live in such venues.

Thank you,
Neeta Helms – President and CEO, Prague Summer Nights Festival, Founder and President, Classical Movements