“this production [of Mozart’s The Magic Flute] made for a sensational showcase of the Summer Nights Festival’s young artists.”

Logan Martell, Operawire

“The sheer exuberance of [The Marriage of Figaro] was deftly handled by the young artists of the Summer Nights Festival.”

Logan Martell, Operawire

Alejandro Martinez of Platea Magazine interviews Sherrill Milnes on all things opera, the Met, and his time at Prague Summer Nights

Alejandro Martinez, Platea Magazine

“If the soloists were exciting to listen to, each time the chorus sang, the hall was filled, creating for numerous visceral moments.”

Francisco Alejandro Salazar, Operawire

“The icing on the cake was the performance of German clarinetist Walter Seyfarth, a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker, who played the Mozart Concerto.”

David Peltán, Kulturne

“It’s much like taking lessons within a living, breathing music-history museum. If you think it sounds both dreamy and intense, you’re 100 percent correct.”

Heather K. Scott, Strings Magazine


“It was a lovely performance, very professional and sophisticated. Not surprising at all, given the amount of work you and your team are doing. Congratulations on what appears to be a very successful venture.”

Frank Kuznik, Chief classical music writer for the Czech Newspaper Hospodarske noviny.